[PREMIERE] VERSA – Wanderlust (Cardiknox Remix)

Coed pop duos are where it’s at right now, and today we’re unveiling the product of two favorites colliding. After dropping their Neon EP in late January, FL based VERSA (Sierra Kay and Blake Harnage) got the exquisite remix treatment from TMD regulars, Cardiknox. When asked...

Cardiknox – Wasted Youth

Pardon my speed bloggin skillz but the new Cardiknox is incredible.  It reminds of WHAM! and that scene from Zoolander where they have the freak gasoline fight accident.  Whoa!  Im losing it.  Bear with me.  One week til Austin.  Get your mind right!

Cardiknox – Technocolor Dreaming (Wet Remix)

And the award for most experimental remix of 2014 goes to…Wet for Cardiknox – Technocolor Dreaming.  Im a big fan of experimental production.  In fact, yesterday I found myself on a Beat Culture/Tame Impala/Animal Collective binge, so this could not have come at a better...

Cardiknox – Technocolor Dreaming

And just like that a fresh track-of-the-year nominee has arrived. Its now no wonder that Cardiknox was spawned out of a Broadway show collaboration, this track is BIG…like stadium big. Lights, pyro, fog, wireless mics, backup dancers…thats all I can picture when the chorus hits....

TMD Presents: Cardiknox @ The Knitting Factory

Not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited to announce that our Brooklyn live series debut will be on Saturday, August 10th at Knitting Factory.  I’ve been smiling for three straight weeks as we’ve been putting this show together for you.  It embodies everything we’re about here...

Introducing Cardiknox

This is why I love writing a music blog. You’re drinking beers in the LES on a random Wednesday, minding your own business, and boom…amazing music like this just appears in your inbox. I know very little about Thomas Dutton & Lonnie Angle, but their...
COIN - (Credit Cameron Powell)

COIN – Run

They’re all growns up and they’re all growns up and they’re all growns up. Nashville boys COIN first caught our ear back in 2013 when we had our first ever TMD live show. Since then they’ve signed a big boy record deal, melted faces across...

CRUISR – All Over

Did you know CRUISR was the first band to ever play a TMD Presents show (see here)?  After the gracious intro from a Noah Hyde remix early last year, we had no choice but to invite them up from Philly for the real thing.  I’m here...

Kid Astray – All Alone We’ll Be Just Fine

After first hearing about Kid Astray from a Cardiknox interview on Backseat Mafia this morning, I’ve been listening to the Easily Led Astray EP non-stop trying to figure out which is my favorite track.  It’s a very tough call.  These Norwegians have indie pop pretty much...