The Yard 2016 – Recap Video

Things got political at The Yard this year. Thanks to everyone who came out and got super weird. Relive it all in our 90 second recap video below! And if you want to see some raw, uncut B-roll from the final song of the final performance...

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NoMBe – Kemosabe

There's really no better way to close out the year your music breaks than on the road for a debut tour in December.  The widely anticipated NoMBe tour is underway and hitting NYC Tuesday night via Communion.  The self-produced LA (via Germany) three-piece will be hitting Philly, DC, Chicago and St. Paul as part...

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[VIDEO] Safia – Embracing Me

TMD is pretty high on Safia (if you haven't noticed).  The "Embracing Me" video just dropped and is definitely worth the watch. Set in what seems to be Lancaster, PA, it's a funky hybrid commentary about religious oppression and self expression. Take it...

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[VIDEO] Civil Twilight – Holy Dove

Full disclosure: this post may read like the ramblings of an obsessed super-fan, because that is very much what I am to Civil Twilight. After falling madly in love with frontman Steve McKellar down in Austin, TX, I haven’t been able to blink away the...

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The Yard 2015 – Recap Video

Good times were had in Austin this year folks.  There is no denying that.  Big ups to Wind-up Records, La Barbecue, Ernie Ball, Green Flash Brewery, DUBS, Mailchimp, Stoli, ZICO, Illy, MyLife, WFNM, Snap Fiesta and everyone who came out to party.  We've already started...

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[VIDEO] Ratatat – Abrasive

A lot has changed since Ratatat left the scene. It's been about 5 years since they have come out with a new album and the world of music has undergone several iterations of change since then. DJs are a thing, live bands are a thing....

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[PREMIERE] Leitbur – Strange in L.A. (Video)

Strange in L.A. indeed. Today we bring you the video premiere of L.A.-based Leitbur's latest single and it's quite an audio/visual experience. They've got a strong new wave vibe with a modern tinge to make their sound just their own. Leitbur began in 2007 with...

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[VIDEO] ASTR – Activate Me

  If you’re immersed within the world of electro-pop music, it’s likely that ASTR is a household name. As long time fans of the NYC-based duo, which is comprised of female vocalist Zoe Silverman and producer Adam Pallin, we are thrilled to share the video for...

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[Video] [Interview] Argonaut&Wasp – Crystal Stills

From the icy depths of Burlington, Vermont sprung a duo inexorably dedicated to their sound; a sound that bursts with energy and pumps rhythm into the atmosphere. Fans will be glad to know Argonaut&Wasp will be relocating to the Big Apple and grace New Yorkers with beats...

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[VIDEO] City of the Sun – Time

Our favorite threesome, City of the Sun, just released their new video for "Time," an artistically moving piece harmonizing the movements of their sounds to and with the vibrance of New York City life. Directed by Val Semko, the video's imagery peels back thick layers...

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