[INTRODUCING] Kool Head – Leon [+VIDEO]

Take everything you think you know, gather it up in a pile. Throw some gasoline on it. And light that shit on fire. Cause you don’t even know about Kool Head. Things are different after you witness things on this level. I had the pleasure of attending a very sexy video premiere party last night with very little details other than to show up. That was enough for me. To say I was surprised by what I was in store for is a gross understatement. The crowd was straight up sex and the live set set the place on fire. To paint a picture, the best way to describe the vibe is if Robert Palmer, Outkast and Spank Rock by some magical miracle had a three way love child, it’d be Kool Head. Be on the lookout for more from this Brooklyn / Atlanta outfit. They’re bringing the heat.


Tim Mullowney

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