KarlK – Jeff feat. GuitK

Charles Perrono, French DJ and producer in conjunction with musician GuitK have artfully created a hybrid of traditional Spanish guitar and electronic ambient. This song paints a tortured journey of Jeff, an outlawed Spanish gaucho on an escape mission through what I can imagine to be the Pyrénées mountains bordering France. Evidently, I’ve created an entire landscape for this rugged, musky, lawless Jeff-character. Needless to say, KarlK and GuitK push traditional boundaries to produce a unique and soul numbing tale of mystique and intrigue. Let the sultry trills of the tambourine and vibraslap enhance the light and rhythmic beats supporting a not-so-traditional Spanish guitarist and deep soothing vocals.


Gaby Deambrosio
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  • Rachel

    This cover art was taken from Tycho

    July 24, 2015 at 2:43 pm

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