TMD & Beautiful Buzzz Present: CMJ 2013 Showcase

Now I’m REALLY excited! Last month we SOLD OUT The Knitting Factory with Betty Who, Joywave & Future Screens. Well now it’s time to announce our 2013 CMJ Lineup. It seems like every show we’re going bigger. This time is no different. It’s CMJ and we’re not pulling any punches. We’ve got eitght (8) bands lined up for you and I could not be more excited about this lineup. Each band hand picked from the pages of TMD and brought right to the streets of Brooklyn. This show is going to be all time. And to up the ante, we partnered with our West Coast blogger from another mother Beautiful Buzzz to really turn things up.


Here’s our lineup:

Strange Talk
Little Daylight
Bad Suns
Night Drive
Story of The Running Wolf

Lineup Breakdown:

Strange Talk We caught the Aussie rockers last year at CMJ and we were blown away by their live set. The energy is amazing and they might sound better live than they do on their albums. To say you’re in for a treat is an understatement. I’m honored and so stoked to have them be a part of our showcase!

We fell in love with Little Daylight at first listen. Based out of Brooklyn they are in the midst of taking over the electro pop world with their soaring synths and sexy vocals. Couldn’t be more excited to catch this set.

Rochester, NY based Joywave has been in our sites for a while now and when we had them play our sold out show two weeks ago, it was very clear that they needed an encore. Their unique brand of electro rock and hip hop is undeniably delicious and impossible not to dance to.

Bad Suns comes to us all the way from Los Angeles and I’m very excited for their live set. They remind me of a throwback to Incubus in only the best of ways. The first notes of their hit ‘Cardiac Arrest’ brought me back to a time and a place. Blending modern pop with late 90’s rock never sounded so god damn good.

What can I say about ASTR. They are as New York as it gets. They lit the internet on fire earlier this year with their haunting smash, ‘Operate’ and the rest is history. They blend hip hop, R&B and electro into a sexy new sound that has got Rihanna watching the throne. Don’t sleep on this.

What up Night Drive?! You may be familiar with the Austin based duo from our label when they remixed Steel Phantoms back in August. Or maybe you’ve copped their insanely good EP that was recently released. Either way, there is no denying their talent. I caught them at Glasslands on Friday, and when I say you’re in for a treat, that’s an understatement.

Story of The Running Wolf: I actually don’t know where to begin when talking about this LA duo. ‘Stratospheric’ is in the running for song of the year. And as for video of the year, it takes it in a land slide. We’ve been trying to get these LA homeboys to play the East Coast for almost a year. FINALLY they make their NYC debut. We could not be more thrilled to have them.

What can I tell you about Pittsburgh’s Badboxes? I can tell you that if you miss this set, you’ve failed. They played our August show and their energy is unmatched. Their debut single JSMN has been on loop for months now and it’s still as good as the first time I heard it. So excited to see these guys again. Trust, you need to be there.

But wait, there’s more. Just when you thought I was finished, I’m gonna punch you in the mouth with some Dart Party. Resident DJ to the stars. To say we’re lucky to have the enigmantic savant behind the ones and twos is to like saying I’m happy we have oxygen. It’s just absolutely CRUCIAL. His infectious sets keep the people moving and he’s building a strong track record for face melting after parties and bring the JAMS all night long. You’ve been warned. (I’m not really going to punch you in the mouth. That was just hyperbole.)

We’ve also got Deli Radio, Dos Equis, BK Booth & Solé Bicycles on board as some super rad sponsors to help really turn this thing out.

WHEN: Tuesday October 15, 7pm
WHO: All ages
WHERE: The Knitting Factory

Tim Mullowney

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