[UPDATED: 5-23-13] Top 10 Guide to Governor’s Ball 2013

So you got tickets to Governors Ball. Good job. Now here’s some bands that you need to see. No we did not include any headliners.

So we had Coachella, Primavera and their little step-brother, Governor’s Ball releasing their lineups in a modern day musical arms race. Guess who won? Look, we can debate that back and forth till the cows come home. I’d say one thing for sure: Most Improved Player goes to Governor’s Ball 2013 for seriously stepping up their game. What was once a footnote in the annual festival circuit is no longer messing around this year. This Governor’s Ball 2013 lineup is all time. Here’s a few acts that we plan on checking out for sure. Consider this our Guide to Governors Ball 2013

Gary Clark Jr
We had the pleasure of catching this man at Lollapalooza and homeboy can wail. He’s like a modern day Stevie Ray Vaughn.

St. Lucia
There are few bands we love more than St. Lucia right now at TMD. So insanely relevant and so insanely talented, you cannot miss this show.

Holy Ghost!
These boys are as New York City as it gets. And they’ve got James Murphy and the DFA boys on their side. Need I say more? If I do, go listen to their track ‘Slow Motion’ – and tell me you’re not going to see them.

Cut Copy
These goys from down under have been making sexy synth pop since Hoobastank was selling gold records in US. Yeah, I just name checked Hoobastank. So yeah, they’ve got the game on lock. Pay some respect and show the Aussie boys some love.

Local Natives
It’s well documented, our love for the West Coast boys known as Local Natives. They are a dying breed. A band comprised of insanely talented musicians who can sing and play instruments and everything! Novel idea isn’t it? One day you’ll tell your kids about how you saw someone play the acoustic guitar and real live drums.

This sister group from LA has been lighting the internet on fire. Let’s see what it’s all about huh?

Young The Giant
Can’t believe I missed them their last time through NYC, won’t happen this time.

The Knocks
“That’s them New York boys, huh?” – Jay-Z. You know when S. Carter is asking about you, you got some things going on. They have been producing, remixing, touring and generally cranking out material all year. THe first time I saw them live, I likened them to the next Daft Punk. Yeah. I went there.

Robert DeLong
The DeLong surname is still relevant in the music world. No not in Blink 182. But Mr. Robert DeLong. One of the most amazing live shows I’ve ever seen. You think you can do shit with a wii controller? Let’s see you make this song with one. Trust. You need to see him live.

It all started with an annoynyous love letter written to a blog. And the rest is history. Her voice is haunting and their sound. Could not be more on point. Definitely see what they’re all about.


Wild Nothing
Wild Nothing has been making synthed out dream pop for a while now and what better venue to catch them with the big apple in the backdrop. I’m hoping for a 7pm, golden hour set time. But that’s probably not in the cards. However, we’ll take what we can get.

I had the pleasure of catching some of Polica’s set at Coachella this year and was left wondering how it took me that long to get to know them. Channy Leaneagh’s haunting vocals will haunt your thoughts and dreams. Definitely take them in.

Foals is a band that I had circled for Coachella. But sometimes, shit happens when you party naked. In this case, that shit was that we missed Foals. I’ll be damn sure that won’t happen again at Governor’s Ball.

The XX
I had both the pleasure and the problem of catching The XX at Coachella this year. Mostly, cause I could not stop walking in circles for 3 hours*. Those circles turned into laps of the VIP section right next to the main stage while The XX played, so I ended up hearing (not seeing) quite a show.

*more on that later

Just listen to this song and imagine it live. Tell me you’re not going to check them out.

Tim Mullowney
  • Tim

    The lineup doesn’t even do the lineup justice.

    February 21, 2013 at 9:04 pm
  • YES!!! So good! I saw Haim with Ms Mr at Music Hall this winter and my brain couldn’t process the goodness. My 2 cents: Pretty Lights has gotta have a fun live show, plus Alt-J (listen to Taro and you’ll understand), plus On An On, who aren’t electronic but they’re kinda bizarre chill rock, and I like it. Plus Ghost Beach DJ set party, obvs.

    May 23, 2013 at 8:26 pm
  • Max

    Love for Portugal. The Man, Divine Fits, Beirut, Pacific Air, Icona Pop, Animal Collective. Hard seller of Azealia Banks.

    May 25, 2013 at 11:48 am
  • Shana

    Of all the acts on your list I’ve seen live (Local Natives, Young the Giant, Robert DeLong, Polica, The xx, Yeasayer) I agree 100% EXCEPT for The xx. Saw them at Lollapalooza and not sure if a festival setting is best for them. Maybe it’d improve indoors with some kind of cool light show?

    ALSO I’m gonna add Swear & Shake to this list. They’re an indie/folk act and they’re FANTASTIC :)

    June 4, 2013 at 6:20 pm
  • Matty

    I am just going to say it… Axl will bring the hot fire Saturday night… mark my words

    June 6, 2013 at 12:42 pm

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