Top 10 Guide to Coachella 2013

Alright, alright, everybody be cool.  I think the Coachella lineup is excellent. Who cares about festival headliners? Im so based out by then anyway. Unless, of course, there is any truth to the rumor that Daft Punk is going to do a set with Phoenix on Saturday. Either way, here’s your Top 10 Guide to Coachella 2013 (Sahara Tent excluded…if you go to Sahara and have a bad time, you’ve got problems). TMD will be there Weekend 1, so be sure to give us a shout.

1 – Jeff the Brotherhood
jeff_the_brotherhoodMy top two highest energy shows of all time are (1) Rage Against the Machine and (2) Jeff the Brotherhood. Trust me. The JTB show will be where the energy is at Sunday. Here’s my boy Fairman (inset left with the lead singer Jake) after having to change out his wardrobe following their Lollapalooza after-show at Subterranean. Leave your sandals at home, this one will get dirty.


2- Palma Violets
I’m seeing these blokes next week at Glasslands, thanks to one of TMD’s most trusted advisors. This track bangs. I’m excited.


3 – Robert Delong
I cannot wait for his album to drop on 2/5. No need to mark your calendar, just check back with us a couple times a week, I promise you will hear about it.


4 – Alt-J
If you’re complaining about the Coachella lineup, most likely its because you didn’t see Alt-J tucked quietly up against the right margin next to Aesop Rock on Friday. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss this show.


5 – Portugal. The Man
Yo, rock n’ roll is dying. Get it while you can. It took 5 studio albums for these guys to get on Coachella. Pay some damn respect. This was in my top 10 favorite shows of 2012.


6 – Divine Fits
Here’s my post from October, not sure I can say it any better here: “Waddup Rock & Roll? I see you. Remember last year when Deer Tick, Dawes and Delta Spirit decided to cross the streams? Middle Brother was forever inscribed in the book of stone. Divine Fits is just like that, but waaaaay more chronic. Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs AND Spoon? C’mon mannnnnnn. Brit Daniel puts his pants on just like the rest of us…one leg at a damn time. But once his pants are on, he makes…gold…fuckin…records. Divine Fits – Like Ice Cream…enjoy punk!”


7 – Band of Horses
My biggest show regret of 2012 was missing Band of Horses at Hammerstein. FML.


8 – Gaslight Anthem
Never seen this show. No better time then Sunday afternoon in the Coachella Valley.


9 – Tame Impala
Man, I hope this show is at night.


10 – Of Monsters and Men
Besides Lumineers and OMM, there’s not a ton of Americana at Coachella this year. Get it while its hot!

Honorable mentions:


(fuck this should have been in the top 10, my bad)

Youth Lagoon
Youth Lagoon is touring with The National. Playing the Barc June 5th.

Local Natives
They can harmonize and they can play the drums. A live show definitely worth checking out. New album out January 29th.

I’ve seen Foals twice, the first time Yannis puked on stage after chugging a solo cup of warm whiskey and the second time he closed with a crowd surf guitar solo. Yes, on his back, crowd surfing, whilst ripping the Two Steps solo. I’m not gonna miss this one.

Purity Ring

I know I missed a bunch. Who are you most excited to see? Please leave a comment below.

Max Bernstein
  • Joe

    Just saw Palma Violets at a loft in Greenpoint. You are in for a great show at Glasslands on Monday.

    January 27, 2013 at 2:16 am
  • Brett

    Pretty sweet guide! I know you said you are going to Coachella week 1, do you think week 1 will be better than week 2?

    April 3, 2013 at 5:39 pm

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