A Night with Flagship

Last weekend was a big one for New York City. We had gorgeous weather, a Saturday night Halloween, the New York City Marathon, AND an extra hour of sleep. The Party was ON. Needless to say it made for a great time and some interesting people watching.

After all of this you would think Sunday would be a day of rest… never. I pulled myself together and navigated my way through the aftermath of Halloween, (lots of hung over Walk-of-Shames and a sunken and sad Winnie the Pooh on the subway platform.) I headed down to Bowery Ballroom to catch a band by the name of Flagship perform.

Some background: Flagship is made up of Drake Margolnick and Michael ‘Mikey’ Finster from Charlotte, North Carolina. They have been out on tour with A Silent Film in support of their single, “I Want You” off their EP Faded (via Bright Antenna Records), and are probably some of the nicest guys I’ve had the chance to meet.


As soon as these guys came on stage, I was blown away by their entrance. What a sound. They are definitely going to need a bigger venue.

Flagship has a great stage presence. They talk, laugh, joke, and mingle easily with the crowd. Mikey is especially sweet, and his enthusiasm is contagious. Here are a few favorite songs of mine that really deserve a listen:

Not So Bad

I Want You


One last point, Drake’s voice is not to be messed with. It sounds a little familiar, like a mix with Dave Grohl and Sean Van Vleet’s voices from Empires … but it is also unique to Flagship’s music. I loved it. Drake- from now on I will request that you sing everything to me- even simple hellos and goodbyes. You think I’m joking…


The guys are back in their home town of Charlotte on Monday 11/9. Check them out live if you can, you won’t be disappointed.


Cassie Farley
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