The Most Definitely is a collective of creative endeavors in music. Based out of Brooklyn, we run a music blog and creative agency devoted to the growth of indie music culture.  Our mission is to be a trusted source for new music discovery and the birthplace for unique collaborations between rising artists and innovative brands.

Founded in 2010 by Tim Mullowney and Max Bernstein, TMD also releases music under it’s own label, most notably Ghost Beach – Modern Tongues Remixed featuring the internationally acclaimed producers Gigamesh, Shook, Penguin Prison, Chad Valley and Summer Heart.

Please see our LIVE page for more info about our business.

– Max & Tim

Music Blog

The blog is our voice. Sure, we enjoy talking about our favorite sounds, but most importantly it gives us an excuse to listen to what you think is popping! Our strength then, is leveraging this dialog to create digital relationships that, over time, become meaningful friendships and real-life business opportunities.

TMD Live

Our most prized accomplishment has been transforming the digital energy from the blog into live events that are equally valuable to the emerging artists and innovative brands with which we partner. TMD Live delivers music culture as a powerful branded content vehicle for our clients.

Record Label

A lot of people talk about music on the internet, but we started a label in 2012 to add meaningful new content to that conversation. In addition to being profitable, we covet the label as a wildly fun marketing tool to promote our favorite artists along side the TMD brand. Expect new releases in 2016!