America needs a Tender Defender

The recent turn of events this week have shown that the institution of America needs some defending. But we’ve also learned that sometimes, us Americans are a bunch of babies and need coddling, so we need said defending to be executed with the utmost care and tenderness. We shall call it the Careful Defense..! No no, that doesn’t work… We need the Defensive Tenderdom..! eh.. sounds religious and porny at the same time. Hmm… Let’s see. A single entity that will not only be tender, but also be our defender..? Idk, it’ll come to me. Luckily there’s this sweet new band called Tender Defender (!), and not only do they have your back, but boy oh boy do they have a song for you! They have a killer EP out this year, and my favorite song is called “F.E.F.E,” and before you ask, yes, that is one of my many nicknames, but its pronounced “feefee.” Sadly, this song was not written about me, but seems to fit the sentiment of this week just perfectly. Listen below and you’ll see what the title stands for. Noisey described them as “the sort of triumphant, melodic gruff-anthems that lean heavily on “woah-ohs,” the fingerpoints, and the feel-good shoutbacks.” Idk about you, but after THIS week, I’m due some triumphant feel-good shoutbacks. Here are some lyrics for you:
Having one of those days
That make you wanna say
Fuck everyone and fuck everything
I just wanna go to sleep
And not have any dreams
I’d liked to love everyone
And love everything
But I’m not a fucking sheep
I’m a human being
If you like this song, check out the band Iron Chic. Equally awesome (mostly cuz it’s a lot of the same dudes).
Feli Says listen to each other. and hug more ppl

Felipe Macia
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