Jason’s Favorites – 2014

It's been an interesting year for the world at large, as well as for me personally. We had a World Cup, an Ebola outbreak, The Fappening, Ferguson, the Sony Hack and an Ice Bucket Challenge. Robin Williams, Maya Angelou and Philip Seymour Hoffman are no...

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Bombay Bicycle Club, Luna, Make Up Monday

Make Up Monday: Bombay Bicycle Club – Luna

I don't know how Luna snuck by us the first time, but I couldn't in good conscience let it fade without a mention. I've had it in heavy rotation since February and it hasn't gotten old at all. Bombay Bicycle Club is an awesome quartet from...

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Twin Shadow, To The Top

Twin Shadow – To The Top

Who wants to hear some new Twin Shadow? Everyone does, that's who! This cut is one of my new favorites. I really enjoy the ensemble vocals, layered like the most delicious treat. It builds slowly to an anthemic climax and really punches it up during the...

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Ulysse, Wounds

Ulysse – Wounds

Ulysse is an awesome new electronic trio from Belgium. Arnaud, Julien and Benoit decided to combine their passion for music. During [this] year, they experiment and create electronic songs without forgetting their pop and rock roots. Their first EP...

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Yeo, Kobe

Yeo – Kobe

Wow, this track really grabbed me from the get go. Yeo, the Australian songwriter, producer and musical wizard just debuted his newest track, Kobe, yesterday and I freakin' love it! The quick horn and violin samples wound together with the guitar part, as well as some...

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Bel Heir, Free, NYC

Bel Heir – Free + NYC

Bel Heir is bringing the groove again and they have shared a one-two punch of awesome tracks today. Free is my favorite of the duo and features some classic Bel Heir vocals, soft synth and pulsing bass. The song wants you to set it free, I...

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Kidnap Kid, Like You Used To

Kidnap Kid – Like You Used To

Matt Relton, better known as Kidnap Kid, is an English producer and DJ from Sheffield, South Yorkshire. His latest offering, Like You Used To is an awesome downtempo house track. The vocals are top notch and they keep the song moving with the understated accompaniment...

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Waitress, Young In Mind

Waitress – Young In Mind

Young In Mind is the debut single from Waitress, a new pop-trio out of Copenhagen. Half swedish, half danish they are as Scandinavian as possible. This track is smooth as silk and seems to sound a little like what an all male version of Haim would...

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