Molly’s Top Tracks of 2013

Aw man. 2013 was so crazy for me! I have never in my life paid so much attention to new music, and this was an awesome year to start. So many good, fresh tracks came out that I had to start making myself weekly Spotify...

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This debut track by mystery group EXROYALE is--strangely put--alchemy: simplicity turned to gold. They've created something complex from nothing. No one is going to accuse these guys of over-producing, but no one is going to be able to get this poppy jam out of their...

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Tei Shi – Nevermind the End

Really digging Tei Shi's second single. Honestly, really digging Tei Shi (Brooklyn's own Val Teicher) in general. I moonlight as a blogger but during the day I work at a print shop, and I got to know Val a bit when she printed a mini-series...

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Hannah Epperson – Shadowless

Oh yeah! I used to blog here in a past life! It's all coming back to me! This cool piece by Vancouver's Hannah Epperson brought me back. It's a refreshingly sweet electronic pulse that is good accompaniment to all the other crap I've been spending...

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Tideup – A Dance In The Dark

Tideup are a dreamy synth pop duo from Orlando who came together over mutual love of a particular Dirty Projectors song, soooo. Count me in. Sometimes Craigslist works some miracles and I'd say this is one of them. The ghostly vocals mesh so well with the...

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The 1975 – Chocolate (DWNTWN Cover)

Jamie Leffler's voice is so ethereal and wispy and beautiful like a pretty scarf from a street cart in India. I just wanna dance around in a field with it flowing around me. Someone should take pics and put 'em on Instagram. Dwntwn is one of...

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[VIDEO] 90 Pounds of Pete – Promiseland

Mixing alt-rock ballad with electro-pop dance jam, 90 Pounds of Pete have created an addictive sound with new single "Promiseland." This is bringing me back to when I first heard Passion Pit's Chunk of Change EP, chilling on the porch with my friends doing bad acoustic...

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Yuna – Falling

Are you feeling unmotivated this late Friday afternoon and want a pick-me-up? Are you feeling stuck in your life, like you just want to escape to somewhere remote and tropical? Are you feeling like you just straight up want to listen to some catchy pop...

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Le Crayon – Give You Up (feat. KLP)

Last night I was out with a friend and maybe 3 or so drinks in (I'm a small person, keep in mind), and the DJ played a remix of Give You Up by Le Crayon (the Darius remix to be exact). Shazam was failing on...

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[VIDEO] Claire – Games

We've all felt chills at a particularly good hook in a song, and that's an awesome feeling. But I think you're supposed to consult a doctor if the chills last the entire song. Especially difficult if you have the song on repeat. The last time...

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