of Verona MP Solo Press Shot

of Verona – Kids on the Street

Talented indie-alt based band, of Verona, have just released their latest offering, "Kids on the Street," a melodic thought provoking track in support of their second full length album "Glass Beach," due out this Friday. As lead singer Mandi Perkins mentions, “the song is a...

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Death By Piano – Countdown

Brooklyn has long been a breeding ground for electronic beats, distinctive analog instrumentation, and great singing. Probability dictates that these elements should encounter each other within a singular entity, as they do in Death By Piano. A duo comprised of singer/keyboardist Kalen Lister and producer/instrumentalist...

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Jacuzzi Suites – Arrecife

You'd expect nothing less than a sonic escape from Jacuzzi Suites debut single Arrecife. The title itself means reef in Spanish and was inspired by the Brooklyn based artists recent trip to the Canary Islands. If it weren't obvious from the steel drum and lapping...

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Broken Luxury – Come Back

When a song can shift your interest and ear from beat to beat, immersing you in an experience of active listening while making an emotionally provoking statement, you know you've found something rare. And Broken Luxury has achieved just that with the release of their...

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Enisa – Burn This Bridge

Sometimes a fresh sound is a throwback to something of an earlier time. "Burn This Bridge” captures the feeling of a live band from decades past accompanied by a soulful lounge singer who has something to prove. The 20-year old singer songwriter from Brooklyn has...

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Kamau – Gaims

This beaute's been on repeat since finding in on Viral 50 a few weeks back. Brooklyn based Kamau seems to be unsigned and unpublished, but I would suspect not for long. This track is a ridiculously good time. Check out more here: http://www.brotherkamau.com/purpose/ ...

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French Horn Rebellion – The Right Time

French Horn Rebellion have come out this week with some serious fire in their new jam ’The Right Time.' This song has got the moves, it’s got the passion, and asks the question, (the important one) “is it ever really the right time to...

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Josiah & The Bonnevilles – Cold Blood

This is one of most well-written songs I've heard in years. Maybe since Head and The Heart self-titled debut in 2010. Tennessee natives Josiah & The Bonnevilles are now out with a debut of their own, the Cold Blood EP via Vagrant Records.  My favorite quote from...

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courtship. – Stop For Nothing

Stop For Nothing is a tremendous debut from LA Indie Pop duo, courtship.  Reminiscent of Starfucker circa 2012, this track has something for everyone.  Strong hooks, driving chorus and an epic drop. Songwriters Eli Hirsch (DREAMERS, Ethan Burns) and Micah Gordon (Tobias Jesso Jr.) seem to be...

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