My Dying Days, Bad Cop, Big Data, Remix

Bad Cop – My Dying Days (Big Data Remix)

Well, I hadn’t heard of Bad Cop before this, but Big Data grabbed a song that was already pretty great and added enough little sparkle to take it to the next level. Bad Cop is a band

“from Nashville, Tennessee….at the center of all things that make all great rock bands the way they are: tight musicianship and songwriting. The songs….play as instantly memorable, catchy pop melodies – because, after all, they are, whether creaking across the wooden barroom floor or barreling full-speed towards the reckless abandon of hardcore punk. But moreover, there is a spirit, wild-eyed and desperate, pulling you in and shaking you up.”

If that kind of swagger and interesting self-description doesn’t pique your interest I’m not sure what will. On top of that, Big Data comes in to drop their own bombs on this track and what we’re left with is nothing less than a masterpiece.

It’s on loop for me right now and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon. I’d love to see these guys with my other Nashville favorites, Leagues. Mind blown.



Also check out the video for the original version, very nice.



Jason Scott
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