Badboxes – Trees

It means something when every song a band puts out is your favorite track by that band. Pittsburgh’s finest indie electro rock group has taken it somewhat political with their new single Trees, and I love absolutely everything about it.  The ska, the horns, the lyrics, the autotune, its pretty perfect.  Have a listen and make sure you read the liner notes (included below for your convenience).

“It is our moral and ethical obligation as a nation to end the senseless imprisonment of our people simply for owning a plant that naturally grows on this earth.

Legalize it, tax it, create jobs, stimulate the economy.
Let’s get it done.


• 1.7 million: deaths caused by alcohol each year, world wide.
• 0: deaths caused by marijuana, ever.
• $18 trillion: The current U.S. debt.
• $17.4 billion: The amount that marijuana prohibition costs each year.
• $1.53 billion: The amount the legal marijuana market is worth.
• 1,600%: The increase in privately owned prisons since 1990.


Max Bernstein
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