Baths Obsidian

Baths – Miasma Sky

Ecstatic to be done with work for the day and the acoustic embodiment of that feeling is Baths’ newest record “Obsidian.” This album blurs the line nicely between chill and dance making it a perfect hot summer night soundtrack. Also would double as a break-up album, since it’s pretty dark and emotional. And again with the falsetto. I just gravitate to good falsettos I guess. Not complaining.

Listen to the track “Miasma Sky” with some good headphones and have yaself a nice auditory swim. It even samples rainfall. Appropriate. Also, the whole album, scheduled for release on May 28th, is available for streaming on Pitchfork’s lovely Advance streamer. You can catch Baths with Houses and D33J at Webster Hall on June 15th, or any number of other times and places as well.

Molly Cichy
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