Boston Manor guide to life: Be Nothing.

Previously covered in February, the Blackpool five-piece is back at it again, out with their debut LP. I’m not gonna lie, there’s a really good chance I’ve been listening to this album nonstop over the last two weeks. Is it the best album of 2016? I wouldn’t go that far given that 2016 has been a great tunes year. Now, is it the best “first” album I’ve heard this year? Hmm… that’s a way better question for sure. I’d have to say it’s probably between them and Trash Boat for best first album of 2016 (maybe even The Sun Days?). And given that Boston Manor are really only just getting started (Trash Boat’s been at it a while), this is a sign of great things to come. Oh ya, have I mentioned the UK is making all the best tunes these days? I can’t remember… That said, Blackpool, sadly, is not the diversity sidekick or little brother of Marvel’s anti-hero Deadpool, it’s a touristy seaside town just north of Liverpool. The Tangerines (as they are known because of their soccer team) and their town became fashionable in the middle of the 18th century (that’s 1700s for you math majors), as the practice of “sea bathing” to cure diseases was in full swing (swimming in the ocean and drinking sea water cured you of diseases back then). These wealthier folk, who also realized not smelling terrible was kinda cool, would trek to Blackpool to “get cured” of whatever nasty diseases they got living in 1700s London. As they continued travelling to and fro, pop-up services started appearing, because well, one needs certain amenities in order to maintain a certain lifestyle. Therein came the birth of Blackpool, as hotels, bowling greens, archery stalls, and holiday cottages started popping up, eventually capped off with the arrival of the railway. Still heavily dependent on tourism to this day, Blackpool has all sorts of (what seem to be) cool stuff (don’t quote me, I’ve never been), and is sometimes referred to as the “gay capital of the North” (I’ve never been, I swear :-/), with Brighton being the gay capital of the South. Being a cultural hub, and that this is supposed to be about Boston Manor, it’s no coincidence that Blackpool hosts the world’s largest punk festival every year, Rebellion Festival, a four day collection of over 200 bands. Much like Coachella, 2017 presale tickets are already sold out. Godspeed.

Feli Says Be Nothing all wknd


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