Broken Luxury – Come Back

When a song can shift your interest and ear from beat to beat, immersing you in an experience of active listening while making an emotionally provoking statement, you know you’ve found something rare. And Broken Luxury has achieved just that with the release of their first single in almost three years: Come Back. The electronic-soul duo’s newest song coasts through a relaxing yet upbeat soundscape that illustrates just a sliver of the world they’ve conceived within their newly-finished album Énouement. In an age of oversaturated musical meaninglessness, Come Back cuts through like a light at the end of a tunnel.

There is a beautiful simplicity to the construction of Come Back. A hypnotic continuous beat flows through phases of tonal and melodic peaks and valleys—yet it refreshingly surprises you with dynamic breaks and interludes that finally loop you back into the song’s chill rhythmic melody for another time around. It’s a vibe.

With no set release date for Broken Luxury’s album, Come Back gives you a short glimpse into how their artistic and personal lives have evolved. If you can’t wait to hear the rest of the album, the duo will be showcasing Énouement in its continuous entirety with a live band on December 15th at The Paperbox in Brooklyn.

Max Bernstein
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