Crooked Colours

MGMT – Electric Feel (Crooked Colours Cover)

So high on Crooked Colours right now. Everything they are touching right now just has an edge to it. Here they provide a dark and dreary update to MGMT's Electric Feel with their industrial vibes. I'd put them up there with SAFIA in changing the...

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Alex Feder – Moments of Silence

So I came across this rock track the other day, and while said genre isn't usually my cup of tea I couldn't help rocking out. The material is courtesy of LA pop/rock artist, Alex Feder, formally known as Leonard Friend. The uplifting vocals are probably the...

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Step Rockets – Kisser (Dart Party Remix)

These are the fun ones. When your friends get together and create something awesome. This is truly what it's all about. There have been grumblings about this remix for months. And to FINALLY get a chance to listen to this audio gold is just top...

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Mansions On The Moon – Where You Are

The LA based quartet, Mansions On The Moon, has been consistently pumping beats onto my radar for the past three years or so. Needless to say, its a real surprise they haven't gained more recognition for it. They stay true to a modern brand of chill...

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night drive

[PREMIERE] Goldroom – Till Sunrise (Night Drive Remix)

Summer might be over but but don't tell that to TMD alums Night Drive. Cause they're keeping the dream alive with their brand new remix of Goldroom's "Till Sunrise". While Night Drive's been busy in the studio producing their new album they stopped the presses...

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Goldroom – Till Sunrise (Pacifico Remix)

I can guarantee you that this won't be the last time I post a remix of Goldroom's Till Sunrise. I can also guarantee that this won't be the last time I post something produced by Brussels based, relatively unknown producer Pacifico. This version of Goldroom's...

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Nihils – Help Our Souls (Urban Contact Remix)

I'm loving this up beat electro remix from Austrian production duo, Urban Contact. The original already packed with grooves and feels was sped up and decorated with some disco synths and guitar riffs. Aside from the production, this guy's voice is totally peppy, and almost...

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Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Prince Fox Remix)

Countless remixes have been done of Sam Smith's powerful track, Stay With me. Many are worth a listen, but few truly harness your attention like this one does. The NYC producer, Prince Fox, slides us into the track with a quiet intro paying homage to Sam Smith's golden pipes. But...

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