Champagne for my Real Friends, Real Pain for my Sham Friends

Some times it’s really important to have a few FU jams queued up in your playlist. There’s always an occasion to rage out on your boss, an ex, or even some dude who, while you were holding the subway pole, “accidentally” slides his hand down and rests it on your firmly pole-gripped hand. No reaction, no hand adjustment, nada. Just standing there like a payaso, pretending like something else besides another human hand stopped his from continuing to slide down the pole. Or maybe he thinks YOU’RE the a**hole, ya know, sliding your hand UP to rest it under his, and HE’S the polite one, not saying anything… :-/ Come one dude..! I’m not an X-Men with super feeling… I KNOW you feel my hand too… I hate you and everything you stand for. You’re somehow worse than the non-headphone-wearing, rush-hour subway riding loud-music-player, as if he’s not in a crowded subway, but instead, sitting on the toilet at home all by himself. Except we’re all in the bathroom with him listening to shitty trap music on a shitty LG phone. Day = ruined.

Luckily the pop-punk world is laden with grief-stricken, pissed off, angst-riddled millennials (“No one will ever understand me and what I’m going through!”) with lots of time of their hands to write me songs to get through the hatred I have for every person I encounter on the morning commute to work. This week we will explore a few of these pissed-off youngsters.

The Story So Far, a California quintet who got their start back in 2007, and are one of several bands that take their name from a New Found Glory title (see: All Time Low) and they write fun and angsty songs to get you riled up (a much better version of Knuckle Puck). With Confidence are an Australian quartet from Sydney, with much more subdued, classic pop-punk stylings. One fast song. One slow song.

Pop Punk week for me on FSL/TMD

Felipe Macia
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