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Chris Farren & his Fake Problems

It’s not often that Florida has a good story in headlines: “Zombie man on bath salts eats man’s face,” “Drunken woman cries & eats stranger’s food while at PF Changs,” “Florida man dies after winning cockroach eating contest,” “Florida man too fat for jail,” “347-pound Florida man punches Domino’s pizza guy for forgetting his garlic knots” (understandable though), “Trend of young people drinking hand sanitizer to get drunk hits Florida,” “‘Mean drunk‘ smears poop on teen’s face,” “Man says cocaine in his buttocks isn’t his”….. But sometimes Florida gets it right, I mean, look at me! I’m doing a’ight. There’s also these dudes outta Naples who are making happy fun music. Chris Farren is the leader here, fronting his band Fake Problems (check out the 2010 album “Real Ghosts Caught On Tape”), as well as pumping out some nice solo tunes (below). Supposedly a “musician’s musician” – whatever that means- the slack-popper is on tour with Laura Stevenson (previous FSLer) and played Mercury Lounge in NYC this past Saturday.

(If you like that “Smiths” t-shirt, you can order it on Etsy, FYR)

Felipe Macia
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