Chromeo, Come Alive, Toro y Moi

Chromeo – Come Alive (ft. Toro y Moi) [Video]

Yesterday, Max shared a video with a some nice Weird Science references. Lo and behold, a day later I’ve found another video with a classic 80’s reference. This time Chromeo team up with Toro y Moi (who is high on my list of people to see live) and delivered this homage to Mannequin. Now, there’s no Kim Catrall in this one (lets be glad of that) but it’s a pretty amusing interpretation for this music video.

Even though it starts out like a Mini Cooper commercial (everyone has to get paid right?) there some nice touches here. Toro y Moi as the janitor and P Thugg with his grills as the sleepy security guard are pretty amusing. Also, Let’s not overlook the excellent song. Come Alive is a light, dance-y tune that just doesn’t get old. I think this is my favorite single so far, off of Chromeo’s upcoming album.




Also, as an added bonus, check out this remix of Come Alive from The Magician.



Jason Scott
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