Civil Twilight – Holy Dove

It is a well-known bit around our office that I am full-fledge in love with Civil Twilight. Not one thing to argue ’bout it. It struck me hard one beautiful night down in Austin, TX. Can I tell you?

It was our last night in town. We were still high after hosting 22 bands over 2 days at The Yard, mesmerized by how incredible it all was. It was on an intimate stage and in an even more intimate setting when frontman Steve McKellar peeled open my heart. His vocals were poetic; thrilling and pure. His sound was unmistakable; unique and unmatched. His looks, well, they made my heart sink to my feet. It was love at first sight.

It was a month ago this week that I first found that love, and I’ve been chasing it since. It couldn’t feel better to find it again.

Alison Parke
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