Coast Modern – Hollow Life

Before you press play – put on your headphones, turn the volume all the way up, and let “Hollow Life” bring you some place else.

“Runnin runnin runnin from my problems”

“You’ll be sittin pretty baby hold on tight”

“Hollow Life,” by newcomers Coast Modern, is the kind of song that you turn on to tune out everything and truly get entrenched in the music. The soothing vocals, unique and entrancing, are paired with extremely relatable lyrics – everyone can relate to lyrics about growing up too fast, the fear of facing problems, and well, life in general.

The LA-based songwriters Luke Atlas and Coleman Trapp of Coast Modern explain that the creation of their project was based purely on the whims of their creative spark. While writing songs for other people, Luke and Coleman had an epiphany – why not write for themselves, on their own terms? “After we stopped shooting at an invisible moving target and had no agenda,” they explain, “that’s when the sound came.

“Hollow Life” is an anthem for restless souls everywhere. Buried within the synth-pop track is frustration and a longing for an escape. Coast Modern has made their debut with this track and it’s safe to say that these guys are on their way up.


Chelsea Dankner
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