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Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes: “Always [or] Never”

Happy little pre-Thanksgiving jam from Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes. These Nashvillains Kickstartered their debut album back in 2010, really an all-around smart way to do it. Although they are Nashville-based, there are some links to the Midwest, therein the homage to “the Great Lakes.” Problem is, there aren’t enough people in the band. It’s just Daniel + 3. It should either be 5 total – and just be “The Great Lakes” – , or Daniel + 5. Something about that vexes me. I am terribly vexed. Oh ya, and one of the dudes is from Kansas… so that’s not really close; then again I’m no cartographer or whatever. So these dudes are arguably terrible dancers, but at least they’re trying in their new video (let’s see you put yourself out there, huh!?), donning animal masks in suits and hopping around, I imagine (as one would upon watching the video), on a pretty tight budget. The new album is out next year, but this jam here is about “a persistent young gentleman determined to chase down unrequited loved.” —- It might also be about a stalker… so I guess, “choose your own adventure.”

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