Digital Badbeat – The Coach (feat. Derek Krzywicki)

My friends and I are in love with this happy-go-lucky rock & roll band out of Philly, Cheers Elephant, and we make sure to catch them whenever they play in NY. So much fun to watch live – frontman Derek busts out some awesome 50’s dance moves and cute faces to match his unique vocal embellishments. They just did a set after one of the Sleep No More shows at McKittrick Hotel, and I got this pic of us with TMD tats (not the best pic but you can kinda see them). Derek-cheers-elephant-TMD-tat

They really deserve some blog time, but they are not electronic by any means, so sadly I wasn’t sure about putting them on TMD. Until I got this message about Derek’s collab with French producer Digital Badbeat on this delicious disco electro-pop piece! I have been waiting for this moment! If the catchy beat and Derek’s playful vocals aren’t enough for you, just wait for the choir of children. Ain’t nobody can resist choirs of chilluns.

Molly Cichy
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