Dinnerdate – Memoire

I think one of the main reasons music — well, really any art form — evokes such an emotional and personal response is because of the artist’s ability to put into words or sound or something visual, thoughts and feeling that you might have trouble outwardly expressing on your own. It is part admiration of the artist’s strength to share their vulnerability and part relief that you have found something to connect your highs and lows to.

“Memoire” by Dinnerdate is the first of five originals the Germany-based producer will be sharing over a two-month release spree. As suggested by the title, the song’s vibe, beat and vocals all feed on the feeling of looking back on a memory; remembering that day, that night, that moment. Dinnerdate doesn’t articulate whether the memory is happy, sad or happily sad, rather leaving it open-ended and allowing his listener to make the story their own. The song is filled by a single lyric line — “I remember that day in September” — and pumped to the brim with a big bodied vibe and beat, which when blended together creates a nostalgia-flavored dream.

If “Memoire” is the baseline for what the next four releases will be, we have big things to look forward to.

Alison Parke
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