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Do Bad Things w/ Charley Marley (& Jamaicans)

No relation to Bob, Charley Marley was recently signed to DCD2 Records (formerly Decaydance Records) – Pet Wentz of Fall Out Boy’s label. The London man has been working in the night club world since he was far too young to be there, and dropped this single, his first, a week ago – representing his time spent working at a Caribbean party joint in west London called the Globe (NOT to be confused with Shakespeare’s theater the Globe). Charley Marley is also not to be confused with his polar opposite Charley Marley, the American Civil War veteran who served in the US House representing Ohio and was also a member of every possible secret society back in the day. So to be clear, THIS Charley Marley is just a cool London kid who kinda fell in to Pete Wentz’s lap proving dreams do come true – not an Masonic Rastafarian Civil War vet who performed for Shakespeare.

Ya… Feli Listens to this

Felipe Macia
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