Don’t Shrug off this ATTLAS

Do you have the post-holiday blues? The “no-longer long weekend” shakes? The “why is everyone emailing me? don’t they realize yesterday was a holiday!? I’m not a machine goddammit!” Well this Canadian mystery man, Jeff Hartford, aka ATTLAS, will help cool you down with his new lyric-less jam. The Canuck got stuck in in the Mau5trap (DeadMau5’s label), and for a while had people thinking he actually was Mr. Mau5 himself, releasing tunes under a shadow moniker, but alas, he’s a real person. If you need another reason to like Jeff, Jeff is really in to Taylor Swift and inspired by movie soundtracks. His super chill Star Wars themed song, “Sunset Over Manaan” throws in some Han Solo dialogue here and there, and today’s jam, his new single out last week, “Ryat,” is also pretty nice and easy going to get you through whatever scaries you may be experiencing. Good luck.

That’s all Feli has to Say about that

Felipe Macia
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