[PREMIERE + INTERVIEW] Madison – Start A Fire (KKS Remix)

LA’s own KKS transformed Madison’s “Start A Fire” into a catchy, dance club anthem and we’re very excited to bring you the exclusive premiere. The remix picks up the pace with a heavy pulse of energy, entrancing electronic beats, and smoky, echoing vocals. Once you take a listen, you will have no choice but to get up and dance.

Madison is best described as a DIY pop artist that has a serious talent: creating extremely infectious songs that, without a doubt, will have you singing for days. She’s known for her impeccable sense of style, unique brand of fierce and fun pop, and her success with self-releasing albums & EPs under her own record label, G Records. Madison’s newest remix album The Remixes People Make, Vol II will officially be out for your listening pleasure on January 13th.

We spoke with Madison about her musical influences, the return of a remix album, and what we can expect next from the pop star. Check it out below.


Chelsea: As a science student turned pop princess, how and when did you find your way into music? 

Madison: I always loved music, but it wasn’t until I found myself in a friends’ studio late one night when he asked me to get on the mic and sing ‘Whatever.’ I had never heard my own voice recorded before. I sang something I knew and it was a crazy ‘Eureka!’ moment. It was a shock and it was so overwhelming. It left me with a choice – pursue medicine or music.. I chose music. And it’s like a medicine. I have no regrets.

Is there any music that you listened to growing up that has influenced your own music?

I grew up listening to mainstream pop – I loved that radio! I’m from Miami so I started clubbing early…so yes, for sure that comes out in my music. I also listened to the Gypsy Kings, Led Zeppelin, The Beach Boys, Nirvana, and Violent Femmes. My earliest concert memory was a reunion of Rod Stewart, ha ha. I think my experiences led to a broad palette. My music is primarily pop, but I love all kinds of music.

I always love to find out what artists I’m listening to are listening to themselves. What kind of music are you into? 

I’m really digging this band called Foxtrott. I love a new artist named Slaptop. I love the new Flying Lotus record. I love Les Sins. I am super into the new Districts single ‘4th and Roebling.’ Temples have a killer album out. Caught a Ghost, White Arrows, CHAPPO, Alt- J, The Wild Wild, The Family Crest, Cage the Elephant, MØ, Langhorne Slim, Wild Cub, I love The Kooks ‘Bad Habit’, I can’t wait for new Atlas Genius, The Acid is soooo good.  I can go on and on!

In a time where there is so much music coming out at once from every direction, how do you manage to stand out? 

Do I? Stand Out? Hmmm I’d like to.. but it’s definitely hard. There is music everywhere all the time, and despite what people say, I think music is the best its ever been. It’s so democratic and the bar is HIGH. I like that. It is such a great time to make music. I do what I like, and try not to let anything get in the way of that. I make what is in my head and what I would want to listen to. If people dig it, that makes me happy and I hope it is always just a little bit weird.

We absolutely love this remix and can’t wait for more. How did this KKS Remix come about? 

Thanks! I love working with people on remixes – it is such a fun way to hear your own song.  KKS did a remix of White Arrows a while back and I thought it was fantastic. When I was making lists of people to approach on this project, he was on the top.  We ended up meeting at his studio in Venice, which is dope, and turns out he’s worked on some really cool stuff. He (his real name is Kevin Seaton) produced the last Active Child EP, he worked on the Snoop Lion record with Diplo and Ariel Rechtshaid, and is currently working with Shy Girls and Strange Talk. We got along great and are going to work on some music together. That experience turned into more than just a killer remix!

Can you tell me more about the remix album, “The Remixes People Make, Vol II,” that you’re self-releasing?

It’s a fun way to get a twist on your own songs. It is crazy how creative people can get. I love to be surprised. I love collaborating with other artists so I see a remix album as an extension of my EP.

As some people may or may not know, you run your own record label, G Records. What’s your favorite part about operating your own label? 

Easy, the freedom. I run the show, from the music to the artwork to the time-lines. With that being said, it’s also what makes it tough. I have to really stay on top of every part of the process; not just being creative but also thinking with a business head, keeping costs down, AND making sure the product is quality.

It’s clear that you enjoy putting out remix albums/EP’s, which we love. As a standout track, how did the RAC remix occur?

I heard his work and thought it was so good. I emailed him on a whim and asked if he had interest in my work, and I jumped for joy when I found out he liked it and wanted to do a remix. When he sent it over I had a solo dance party in my living room, it was badass.

Who are artists you’d love to work with? Both tangible and dream? 

I’d love to work with Dr. Luke. I want to know what is going on in his process. I’m so curious. Or Stargate, they do some rad production. I reached out to Big Data, but he was busy touring. If anyone wants to work with me, hit me up. SNOOP (Lion?) where you at?? Kanye? Hello.

What can we expect next from Madison? 

You can expect that I will continue to make music…and it’s always going to be a little different! I will be releasing my next EP in early 2015! Then more remixes, and another EP after that!

Is there anything that you can share with me that most people might not know about you or would surprise us?

I never want to die. I just want to freeze time. I have so much I want to do!!!!

Chelsea Dankner
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