Ghost Beach Fickle Friends

Fickle Friends – For You (Ghost Beach Remix)

Been down in Central America soaking up some vibes for a bit now and it’s allowed me some perspective. I’d be lying if I told you I took that I didn’t take a few days break from new tunes. The mariachi bands and salsa music playing the rooftops here are enough to make you take some time out and take it all in. It’s also made me realize what’s important, and that is good music is a global truth. While each region or country in this world may have their signature sound, there’s one constant: emotion. It can be displayed in any number of ways, but as long as music evokes emotion, it’s doing it’s job.

It makes sense that my first post since leaving the USA feels very much like home. Coming by way of our partners in numerous crimes: Ghost Beach. They’ve had quite a strong year and I can’t say that I’m not surprised. It’s why we launched our record label to put out their remix EP last year. Now I’m happy to see them making moves all over the place, touring the country and starting their very own label in Crazy Heart Records. With extremely strong releases which they’ve been churning out at break neck pace for the past couple of months with Dart Party, PROM & Fickle Friends. Here we get their take on a Fickle Friends tune and I’m mesmerized. Enjoy.

Tim Mullowney
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