Fickle Friends, SWIM, Paperwhite Remix

Fickle Friends – SWIM + (Paperwhite Remix)

This quintet from Brighton, in the UK, has really caught my attention. Fickle Friends own specific brand of synth pop somehow walks a fine line, but in the end hits just the right note.

Enough with the music puns, this song is a lot fun. SWIM is an upbeat, poppy tune that wraps synth, vocals and guitar in perfect harmony. Somewhere, Andr√© Allen Anjos, better known as RAC, is kicking himself that he didn’t come up with it first.



I also am really enjoying the Paperwhite Remix of this song. It changes the flavor a bit while keeping the feel of the original. It’s an excellent example of what a good remix can do and I appreciate the dreamy landscape at work in this one.



Jason Scott
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