Freak You – There You Are (feat. Bright Light Bright Light) – She’s The Queen Remix

It went a little something like this: first, the ubiquitous Freak You unleashed his massive nu-disco meets pop song, “There You Are”, featuring London electro-star Bright Light Bright Light last June. Next, New York City-based duo She’s The Queen brought the original to it’s bursting point with a deep, floor-filling club remix. And then, I heard this rich track in a friend’s rough-copy mixtape and instantly knew it must make it past the cutting room floor. The lyrics are as deep as the beat is unrelentingly uplifting, keeping in line with the overall theme of the mix: that happy kind of sad.

“In the night I have bad dreams
Close my eyes and there you are
You say time makes it easier
You move on, I never get far”

These repeated words are easy to sing along to, and — who are we kidding? — undeniably relatable. Blame it on the rainy weather or on my tendency to slip too far emotionally, but this song just feels right today. You think so, too?

Alison Parke
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