grammys suck

Grammy’s are stoopid. Hip Hop is good.

The Grammy’s are stupid. Why do they even have them? The whole industry just shows up to blow smoke up each other’s butts for 6 hours. The same 4 a**holes win every year… Artists that have been around for years win “Best New Artist”? The only one you should be allowed to win “Best New Artist” is if your FIRST album or EP dropped that year. That’s it. Washed up dead guys win “Best Rock Album”? The only reason anyone cared is cuz he died. The same idiots who win year after year are SHOCKED they win again. “Who me?! OMG I CANNOT believe this!? What an honor!” Walking up to the stage like Ron Burgundy “not ready” to play the yazz-flute then go home and make sweet sweet love to Veronica Corningstone. The idiots watching on TV take to twitter to complain about cultural appropriation. Other idiots apologize for stuff they didn’t even do. And at the end of the day, we didn’t hear of any music that isn’t heavily played on mainstream pop radio, while mega bands that sell out stadiums worldwide don’t even get a nod. But no… no… some celeb (who is more famous for being a celeb than a musician) need a 37th Grammy for a song that 94 industry pros collaborated on. How creative of that ONE artist! Amaaazing! And worst of all, network TV won’t air a new episode of Bob’s Burgers cuz they think all these dummies are watching the 43rd award show of the year.

If the stupid Grammy’s don’t bog you down too much, there’s lots of fun stuff happening in 2017 too. If you live in a cold place, then you prob got snow. Dope. If you don’t, then you’re prob nice and tan. Dope. If you like TV, Always Sunny in Philadelphia is back and crushing it. If you like to watch the news, well, you prob have no hair left. But hey, neither does Johnny Sins. So, still kinda dope. But best of all, 2017 has been real dope musically. We are fresh with new tunes that got ignored at the Grammy’s per usual (WSTR, Japandroids, the first half of Migos, Oso Oso, Cloud Nothings), as well as the arrival (finally) of some good hip hop tracks. Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign gave us a sweet throwback track, feeling like old school Three Six. Lupe’s new stuff is sweet. Even J. Cole showed up. Who knew?! Here’s some hip hop to welcome you to the long weekend.

Feli Hates Award Shows

Felipe Macia
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