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Grow up and Be Surf Dads

Regina, Saskatchewan [SK is one of the giant provinces – in Canada – just north of Montana and North Dakota, in between Alberta (where Calgary is) and Manitoba (where Winnipeg is, like the Winnipeg Jets)] is the home town of dynamic duo Surf Dads, who have a new 4 track EP out called Summer Vacation. Throughout their new EP, Surf Dads echo little bits of Wavves (“Found Yourself in Thailand”), Japandroids (“The Way She Does”), and other genre stalwarts like Local H and Weezer. Regina (blossoming population of 250k) is an odd place to find your love of surf, but with one member living in Cali, and the other with his feet firmly rooted in the Canuck life, they’ve managed to pump out three EPs while basically not living even remotely near one other, let alone practicing, or anything – kinda like The Postal Service, except not famous, and with real instruments. Maybe one of them is the “surf” and the other is the “dads”…? Beats me. Or maybe they are the co-presidents of the Greater Regina Surfing Club and organize yearly trips to different locales like Costa Rica to catch waves, kinda like how Florida has so many snow ski club while being a zombie and gator infested swampland. With little to no info available I can invent just about whatever I want, but I bet one of those is pretty close to being right. Here are all four tracks from the Surf Dads EP Summer Vacation ripe for outside summertimeyness.

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