[INTERVIEW] Maybe The Moon – Hammers See Nails

Over the weekend I got to talking with the fresh faces of Maybe The Moon about life, love and their newest release, “Hammers See Nails.” Bay Area, CA-based Alex Lasner and Karmen Kimball were an absolute riot to chat with, totally game for my intimate and mildly-inappropriate questions. They left nothing unanswered or off the table.

I’m a sucker for love, and damn — these two got it.


Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to sit down and chat with us. Having a cup of black coffee in NYC, so gotta ask — how do you take yours in California? Better yet… Alex, how does Karmen take her coffee? Careful how you answer…tmdpinterview_1I love your story just as much as I love your music. First off, you met at a party on the day the world was suppose to end. Who approached whom first? I mean, #zerofucks at the point, right? What did you have to lose?tmdpinterview_2It must have been a great first night, seeing you got engaged just a few weeks later. Would you say you believe in love at first sight? Or love at first….. ?tmdpinterview_3Karmen, I’ve known a guy I would have said “yes” to if he had proposed days after our meeting. I’m sure all girls do. What made — and makes — Alex different? How’d you get so lucky?tmdpinterview_4There is something really special about couples who create together. I think their work has more meaning. How did you know music was the path you wanted to take together?tmdpinterview_5Take me through your creative process. Do you each have set roles? Or do you take a more collaborative approach?tmdpinterview_6We know the story behind your first release, “Two Birthdays.” What’s “Hammers See Nails” all about? Though you’re two lovers making music, the stories you share through song seem a bit heartbroken.tmdpinterview_7You’re in the studio now working on a batch of singles to be released over the course of 2015. This newest release is a complete departure from your first — should we expect something totally different next?tmdpinterview_8You guys are great! How about leaving The Most Definitely page with one last thought until we speak again. Whatever comes to your mind first — go!tmdpinterview_9

Alison Parke
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