Satin Jackets – Shine On You

Don’t let the weather get you down. This Detroit girl is here to say that it ain’t that bad. I know it hurts when the bitter wind hits your face. And I know you have one too many layers on and it just isn’t comfortable. But think about it: you could be living somewhere sunny but surreal, where each day the script is the same. The weather never changes more than 5 degrees, and the biggest roadblock you’ll ever face is an orange one — on the 405.

Without the bad — or the cold — when and how do we learn the value in the good? As my January vacation tan lines start to fade and the deep bite of winter progresses, I can’t help but see some happiness in it all. Because if it weren’t for the headache of winter, I don’t know if I would ever truly appreciate how beautiful life becomes in this city when furniture begins to reappear under the outside awnings of my favorite restaurants and when the chattering of my teeth disappears from my smile.

In their explosive new release, Satin Jackets sings about the path to good — it’s waiting on his life with her to start once she’s decided to defrost herself from the bad, and to come alive with the tune of summer.

I can feel the ocean, running through the night
Let it carry us to nowhere, bring me back to life
She’s been waiting on summer
To make it through
I’ll be a man in flames, shining my light on you
I want to know, just tell me when you come alive.

Alison Parke
  • Tim


    February 17, 2015 at 6:26 pm

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