Jacuzzi Suites – Arrecife

You’d expect nothing less than a sonic escape from Jacuzzi Suites debut single Arrecife. The title itself means reef in Spanish and was inspired by the Brooklyn based artists recent trip to the Canary Islands. If it weren’t obvious from the steel drum and lapping waves intro this song is vibe central. JS captures that top down cruising, humid breeze, relaxed day four of vacation feel. You’ve established a routine, you know your way around, you’re basically a local. It’s zoney and therapeutic. Like the perfect beach cocktail it has just enough sweetness to offset the fact that you are drinking at 10 am with no plans of stopping. All of a sudden it makes complete sense to wonder why more people don’t live here. We should just move, it’s always warm, it’s totally feasible to rent jet skis for a living and never see our families again, right?

The feeling is utopian. Think neon lit ecstasy. Are we on drugs? No, well maybe not just now. But JS tries to produce anything that captures that feeling. The song is taking that trip, whether it’s figurative or literal, it’s abstract and up to you to interpret. There is a darkness that balances out the tropical joy of the song, like knowing you do in fact have to return to that desk job on Monday.

Max Bernstein
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