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Jet Black Alley Cat: a sign of witchery

Did you know where “jet black” comes from? I sure didn’t. “Jet” is a dense black coal that takes a high polish and is used for jewelry. The more you know, huh? Also, black cats weren’t always associated with bad luck and/or witchery until the middles ages in Europe, when some jerks were throwing rocks at a black cat that crossed their path. The injured and limping cat hid in a suspected witches home and the next day, the “witch” walked about town ALSO bruised and with a limp…. ooooh spooky. Coincidence?! I think not!
Almost out of my music rut, I finally have some shareworthy tracks. With new albums in the rock world (Real Friends, Hotelier, PUP, Nothing, Baby Baby – all arrived or coming), and loads of sweet tours (Brand New, Turnover, Blink, Moose Blood, Have Mercy, ADTR), Summer 2016 is looking very promising. So I definitely saw these dudes live a while back, and remember them being quite enjoyable, fyi. The Nashville five-piece self-describe as Vintage Rock/Groove Pop and just played Piano’s on the Lower East Side (heading to Fubar in STL soon, followed by Churchills in Miami). Jet Black Alley Cat have a familiar sound I can’t quite put my finger on (I guess that’s the point on “vintage rock”… still annoying though). With little to no information on the web beyond sultry photos like the one above, I can surmise a few things that may or may not be true: 1) JBAC hate buttons on shirts; 2) are in a constant state of perspiration and really want us to know it; and 3) could fill a Paul Mitchell hair styling book (not to be confused with Pete Mitchell, the ace fighter pilot who, not unlike JBAC, ¬†always need a shower – even during dates – and saved the US from war, not to mention Iceman’s butt).
At least that’s what I’ve heard Feli Say, he loves Pete Mitchell

Felipe Macia
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