junior prom

Junior Prom – Let’s Make A Lot Of Money

Junior Prom, a magical time when (acne) blossoming youngsters experience their first taste of real world dating: asking equally nervous and insecure jerkholes to maybe? go to prom with them, while everyone balances their potential better offers and invites to come… then realizing you don’t have a date and the big day’s ALMOST here (UGH!), you say “…Yes?” to Jimmy, only to be asked by Chad THAT SAME AFTERNOON!! OMG FML… and then obviously say “Yes!” to Chad and text Jimmy: “Sorry… I just can’t right now (insert random emoji).” Only for Chad to realize Susie now wants to go with him and Susie is like, SO much prettier than you… So you text Jimmy what time he’s picking you up and pretend like you never told him to get lost. Anyways, this Junior Prom is a indie rock duo from Brooklyn.

2015 = summer of Saying things and no one Listening #wwfs

Felipe Macia
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