Justly Jonesing for Jones

JONES is a singer whose name, btw, is in all caps, similar to receiving a text from your grandma, or an email from your aged boss – “If it’s not in ALL CAPS, then how will you know I’m yelling?!” The producer of this lovely track is none other than previous FeliSaysListen-er, and fellow all caps enthusiast, HONNE. London-based and mainly Eurocentric (although one random Massachusetts date on her tour this year post-SXSW), JONES is being referred to as “neo-soul,” and before you ask, no, it has nothing to do with the Keanu Reeves and the Matrix and whether we live in it and taking red pills or blue pills (although I’m a red pill guy myself… I’d hope) and what that means about our existence in the universe; although… JONES is a big science nerd and reads loads of nonfiction science books. True Story. She “finds quantum physics fascinating.” I can’t say I disagree. So maybe “neo-soul” IS about the Matrix… hmm… Well you know what they say, entropy isn’t what it used to be :-/

(oh you don’t like that joke? Ok fine, how about this one: Higgs Boson walks into a church and the priest says “we don’t allow Higgs Boson in here.” The Higgs Boson then replies “but without me, how could you have mass?”…. (it’s a good one, I promise))

Felipe Macia
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