Kaleo: and i thought Iceland was all hot springs and metal

In honor of the Euro 2016 soccer championship going on, and Iceland’s stunning winner yesterday, and the fact that 10% of the entire nation of Iceland has gone to France for the tournament (granted Iceland is tiny, but that’s still an awesome math fact), and their pending match vs. France (!), is Kaleo, a folksy southern blues-sounding band from…? you guessed it! Iceland! Home of enough metal bands that they needed to distinguish themselves between black metal and death metal. And if your wondering, “wtf mate?! There’s a difference? … oh dear, this is where Feli is gonna explain musical genres to us, isn’t it?” Ummm… ya. Basically they are super similar, but black metal has some more shrieking vocals while death metal is more growling and screams; they both play with tremolo picking (really fast back and forth picking of the same string), but black metal uses low tuned distorted guitars and lo-fi recording while death metal has powerful drumming and palm muting (resting your picking hand on the base of the strings). Oh ya, they both talk about super dark stuff (although “talk” isn’t really the word), black metal artists tend to appear in corpse paint and use fake names while deathers just sing about stuff that goes down in the Saw movies or The Purge. That said, this Icelandic foursome, Kaleo, is NOT a metal band. Go Iceland!

So said Feli

Felipe Macia
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