kid wave 2

Kid Wave: Wonderlust LP (no # needed)

Swede plays in all girl punk band. Feels uninspired. Swede is disillusioned with indie scene in home country. Swede moves to London in search of new beginnings. Finds stability while dream-weaving grunge. Swede-turned-Brit enrolls in sound engineering courses. Records demos on Garageband. Swede receives offers from record companies. Swede doesn’t even have a band yet. Makes friends. Records tracks. Makes more friends. Records killer debut full-length album. Swede remembers fondly her two months before UK, living in Iceland, caring for horses. Swede names band Kid Wave. Plays first sold out show in March 2015. Tours all over Europe with The Vaccines. Dreams of one day playing America.

(Feli Says for fans of Yuck’s first album…)

Felipe Macia
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