[VIDEO] Klingande – Jubel

What you know about Jazz House? My homie from round the way tried to turn me on to this over the summer and I laughed. He said, “fret not young grasshopper for you will see the light”. Then a week ago, outta now where, whilst sipping from a fresh young coconut on the Balinese island of Trawangan, I caught the fever. Jazz House is on the up my friends so get used to it. I’d love to say you heard it here first, but thats clearly not the case. The social stats on this beast are out-o-control (1.5mm SC plays). If you’re new like me, def let these French dudes guide you. Plus, im working on getting some new intel from these peeps I met in the Southeast and will report back when I got something to show ya.

Here’s the Jubel video…

And here’s Punga

What did I tell you?

Max Bernstein
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  • Tim

    WOAH! I didn’t know anyone else actually wrote for this blog any more.

    October 2, 2013 at 12:39 pm

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