KOPPS – Dumb

Meet KOPPS – an electro-pop duo that hails from Rochester, NY and brings a lot to the table. You may know them from Joywave’s bopping electronic track “Tongues,” but if this is your first time listening, you won’t disappointed. As a band that defines themselves as experimental, dance, and electro, we never know what to exactly expect. However, one thing that always remains constant is that when they release new music, it is going to be good.

Dumb,” which was released just last week, already has an impressive 172,000+ streams on Spotify….and we’re only expecting that number to grow. This is another track of theirs that is produced by Daniel Armbruster (of Joywave) and mixed by Andrew Maury (Ra Ra Riot, RAC, Panama Wedding). Right from the get-go, you can tell that this song is eccentric and funky, with piercing sounds of shattering glass and a string of gunshots. With its infectious beat, distorted bass, and its build up of energy, it’s truly an electronic banger. It’s clear that KOPPS is only going up from here.

Take a listen below and get “Dumb.”

Chelsea Dankner
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