Leagues – Spotlight

We here at The Most Definitely have been hoarding this nugget to ourselves for a little while but it seems like it’s time we shared it with all of you. If you love something, set it free. Fly away Leagues, we hope everyone enjoys this album as much as we have. This trio from Nashville really has it going on. While their album came out in January we only found it a few weeks ago and it’s been amazing to see when everyone’s spotify stream is playing Leagues at the same time. Each person has their own favorite. Spotlight really does it for me. I think the falsetto and guitar riffs are irresistible. I know Max is a big fan of You Belong Here. Molly seems to be pretty on-board with the whole album. Take a listen and tell us which one you liked best. We promise that there’s at least one you’ll start unconsciously tapping your foot to.

Jason Scott

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