Leonard Friend – Middle of The Night

Leonard Friend, aka Alex Feder, ex-frontman of the Brooklyn indie band The XYZ Affair is making a unique blend of R&B and synth-pop that is truly undeniable. He just released his second EP LXLF a couple of weeks ago and it’s something you need to check out. He describes the birth of Leonard Friend as “a certain euphoric point of complete acceptance that I hit where I had this “Fine, f*ck it. This is how things are. I am going to get drunk at some random club and dance by myself to the same friggin Rihanna song night after night until 4 am” moment. Which, I dunno, maybe that’s not a moment that most people experience, but that was most of 2011-2012 for me. That feeling of near rapturous loneliness, in a nutshell, is this record.”

I really respect that. And I 100% know that place. He’s got a unique sound that’s damn refreshing to hear. It’s been a while since I heard something like this. The EP has got some serious chops and should be listened to in it’s entirety. I can’t wait to hear more.

Download the whole EP here:

Tim Mullowney
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