Looming – Nailbiter LP

“To loom or not to loom”, that is the question that looms over Looming while in Tulum. Be glad they chose to loom… The Springfield, Illinoisians’ first full-length, “Nailbiter” – meant to be listened all the way through – is super solid, the kind of music you just know sounds awesome live in a crowd of people all wearing super hip “I-don’t-care-what-you-think-about-me” clothing and beards and lots of black and sarcastic tattoos and stuff – like those “mustache on your finger” tattoos, but like 4 years ago, before Flatiron agency bros starting doing it. Alt Press gave them 4.5 stars and calls them “Noisy Punk Melodicism” (damn that’s creative). The more I listen to them the doper they are. Forming in 2013, two years of hard work and honing, the fruits of their loom show. Hopefully they stay on this track and don’t fall to the dark side of the loom.

When Feli Says Listen… you better Listen


Felipe Macia
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