made in heights

Made In Heights: death by synth

Taken from Kevin Bronson @ BuzzbandsLA: “What the world needs now is another producer-driven electro-pop duo like I need a whole in my head.” I couldn’t have said the words better myself. BUT, if you listen, realllllly listen, you’ll find some excellent new stuff out there. Sabzi is on his third musical endeavor, and this one’s real solid: Made In Heights. Ya, it’s sexy-synth-pop… Ya, the electro-dreamscape genre is a bit saturated… So what? Good tunes are good tunes. Deal with it. Ambient solo sounds. Pianos. Cellos. Sleepy vocals. All with a synth-twist?? C’mon, son! Turn the lights down – Turn the bass up. The LA-based duo dropped this new track this week. 

How many times do I have to say it!? Feli Says Listen!

Felipe Macia
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