Mansions On The Moon – Where You Are

The LA based quartet, Mansions On The Moon, has been consistently pumping beats onto my radar for the past three years or so. Needless to say, its a real surprise they haven’t gained more recognition for it. They stay true to a modern brand of chill wave marked by downtempo bass and dreamy electronic synths. Their stuff fits in the same variety with music by the LA band, Carousel, and Philadelphia natives, Work Drugs. Two equally impressive names well worth your attention.

The latest release from Mansions On The Moon, Where You Are, showcases the band’s slower side with hazy vocals and melodic rhythms from both the keyboard and bass. Its the kinda coma inducing track you’ll find yourself listening to speechless and half conscious at 4 am, a sedative drug if you will. So… stream below and make sure to check out Mansions On The Moon on Souncloud.

Alex Osgood
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